Intelligent training facilitated by technology grounded in experience.

panasonic case study cover pvtsPVTS™ (Portable Vehicle Training System) is a patented technology that is designed to assist with training single-seat mining vehicle operators.

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Our intelligent, ruggardised solution is compact and portable technology, using advanced one-to-one Wi-Fi connective systems, allowing trainers to be remote yet still offer instantaneous feedback and guidance to trainee operators.

PVTS™ allows the trainer to view the operator in the cab and their surroundings with four individual cameras and gives the ability to communicate privately, independent of the mining radio network.

This technology equips operators with the skills needed in a mine site environment through live operation training, with the reliance on safety and compliance with State and Federal safety regulations. To fully prepare operators, the PVTS™ is capable of use in all weather conditions and day and night, while the cameras maintain visual clarity. The PVTS™ is also capable of recording video or photo snapshots for conveying operational techniques for improved performance and future training purposes. 

Designed to withstand the rigours of mine site environments, PVTS™ is made of robust materials. The high performance technology has;

  • 4 individual cameras which capture high-definition video images;
  • Real-time data transmission;
  • Screen luminosity and equipment suited for harsh outdoor envirnoments;
  • Toughpad is detachable for outstanding mobility up to 40m from trainer unit;
  • 500m - line of sight; and
  • 250m - non line of sight.

PVTS™ is a cost effective, portable and compact solution that reduces live training risks and is MDG 15 approved, to ensure well-trained operators on your site.

The technology and capabilities of the PVTS™ improve and correct inefficiencies in training and safety for single-seat vehicles including;

  • Untimely and significant non-live, in class training;
  • Lack of feedback and guidance from external assistance in operating vehicle;
  • No visual of the trainee’s actions in the cabin; and
  • Pro-longed training with no immediate feedback.


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