A dynamic solution which enables airlines to streamline and improve vital maintenance processes and make them better for the future.

dent & buckle provides airline operators with the means to streamline and reduce the cost of recording damages and repairs on their aircraft fleet. It is an easy to use tool for tracking damages from the first discovery through all the repair stages.

dent & buckle is an online/offline software  system  for  recording damage and repairs. The system combines the use of tablets, EFBs and smartphones with regular desktop computers. Mobile devices running the dent & buckle "App" capture damage information and remove the need for paper forms. Desktop computers are used to access dent & buckle's main system through a browser-based web application.

Within the main system,the engineering team have full control of damage and repairs across the complete fleet or fleets of aircraft. The system is not aircraft dependent and mixed fleets can be easily controlled. dent & buckle allows unlimited users and provides user access and process control via user groups that are maintained by dent & buckle or Active Directory.

The mobile app makes use of an intuitive 3D graphical user interface. Each aircraft model contains detailed information on the location of stringers, frames and other key components which are used to reference any damage recorded.

Web app main functions:

  • Record new damage and repairs;
  • Maintain damage and repair data;
  • Add supporting documents to records;
  • View damage and repairs;
  • Create new reports;
  • Generate existing reports;
  • Manage components; and
  • User and aircraft administration.

dent & buckle integrates easily with client's MRO systems allowing the automation of component handling functions and the updating of aircraft information, such as flight hours and cycles. By integrating with MRO systems, the structural damage and repair records associated with an aircraft are automatically updated when the components are removed from an aircraft, sent to a repair facility or installed on another aircraft.

dent & buckle is a dynamic solution which enables airlines and operators to record damage and repairs and to manage all their associated repair record data. Our mission is to streamline and improve these vital maintenance processes and make them better for the future.

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