SRMDoc is a mobile-based intelligent document browser, which fully integrates with dent & buckle. This new development offers a significant upgrade to operational efficiency.

Structural engineers can complete damage reports that include SRM references and SRM page attachments at the aircraft. This means:

  • The right revision for the right aircraft in the palm of your hand
  • Complete damage assessment on the spot with dent & buckle
  • Assessment on the spot
  • Cut assessment time by 50%
  • Seamless integration with DaB
  • Full revision control
  • Immediate access to tail specific SRM and AMM
  • Intelligent bookmarking for standard assessment processes
  • Comprehensive search

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Information entered into the dent & buckle damage is used to suggest pages in SRMDoc to assist with assessment. SRM ATA References and Page grabs are easily attached to the dent & buckle damage report.

Bookmark groups are easily set up so predefined sets of pages can be retrieved. These bookmark groups are shareable across all devices running SRMDoc in an organisation.

Supported by our extensive aviation experience, Global Tech Group works with the operators or MRO to ensure they understand how to maximise all the benefits of the SRMDoc and Dent and Buckle applications in their operations.
Global Tech Group is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor and Partner of Dent and Buckle.