Global Tech Group’s PVTS was a feature of the Panasonic business technology blog along with a Case Study outlining the key benefits and applications.

Global Tech Group™ has developed and is marketing a Portable Vehicle Training System (PVTS™), designed to revolutionise the training of mining personnel on extremely large single-seat vehicles such as dozers, graders and excavators. Key to the PVTS™ solution is our FZ-G1 Panasonic Toughpad – an ultra-thin and lightweight fully rugged tablet device, used in conjunction with a specifically designed clip on keyboard. Panasonic Business Technology Blog. April 2016

panasonic blog postA Go-to Solution

PVTSTM is gaining a solid reputation as the go-to solution for it's ability to withstand the rigours of training in live mine site operations.

Supported by the robust technology that Panasonic provides in the FZ-G1 Toughpads, Global Tech Group is able to offer a solution that means real time feedback and guidance in remote locations.

  • Offer instantaneous feedback and guidance to trainee operators in live operations.
  • Equip operators with the skills needed in a mine site environment through live operation training.
  • State and Federal safety and compliance standards met.


PVTSTM Key Features

As highlighted by Panasonic, there are number of key features that make PVTSTM the benchmark for remote location training and communications:

  • Four individual cameras which capture high-definition video images;
  • Real-time data transmission;
  • Screen luminosity and equipment suited for harsh outdoor environments;
  • Toughpad is detachable for outstanding mobility up to 40m from trainer unit;
  • 500m - line of sight; and
  • 250m - non line of sight.

The HealthVibe InSeat technology is an optional integration with PVTSTM offering an integrated Whole Body Vibration (WBV) analysis and assessment system.

Learn more about the HealthVibe InSeat technology that can be integrated to further enhance drive safety and meet reporting and compliance requirements.

Global Tech Group™ has received impressive feedback from key mining industry businesses on PVTS’ ease of use and the real productivity improvements made through this new training process.

PVTSTM can also be customised for training and communication requirements in other remote location, training situations.

Contact Global Tech Group for details.