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GenZ™ Series | Ruggadised Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Gen Z™ Series are rugged IP67 thermal imaging cameras with enhanced and clear imagery in harsh conditions.

Adaptable to many conditions and applications the Gen Z™ Series enhances the safety and efficiency of large mobile and fixed equipment and vehicles. It has unrivalled camera capabilities for work at night, extreme dust conditions and direct sunlight.

The superior quality of these cameras allows for optimal efficiency and safety in the work environment with no need for lighting equipment in early morning or dark operations. There is also an optional integration with the PVTS™  for remote image monitoring via 3G, 4G or wireless.

The Gen Z™ Series of thermal cameras offers the highest quality in imagery ensuring operator safety and operational efficiency in any conditions. The Gen Z™ series is adaptable to a variety of conditions and industry and offers a solution to a variety of inefficiencies such as: 

  • Operator risk and safety;
  • Operational efficiency – delays from collision;
  • Visibility conditions causing delay to work flow; and
  • Expensive and dangerous lighting equipment for early morning and dark operations.


Gen Z™ Support

Global Tech Group is the only provider of local support for Gen Z™ thermal camera Series throughout Australia.

Operational Benefits

  • Improved operator safety and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced productive maintenance monitoring through Isotherm, Radiometric and image metrics.
  • Mobile equipment collision avoidance enhancement highest resolution in its class.
  • Enhanced vision in night operations extreme dust conditions and direct sunlight etc.
  • Wide-angle field of view enhanced thermal image camera vision for reverse aids on large mobile or fixed mining equipment.
  • No lighting requirements for after dark and early morning operations.


Technical Specifications

If you would like information on the technical specifications fof GEN Z™ Series, please contact us.


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