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SPPS | Secure Progress Payment System (SPPS)

SPPS logoSPPS is an innovative progress payment platform that solves the large number of issues associated with late and non-payments in both small and large businesses.

Contractors: Payment security, improved cash flow and reduced debt.

Customers: Clear direction and improved confidence that the project will be satisfactorily completed.

Government: Increased growth in the economy through increased productivity.


The SPPS solution is a web based desk and mobile application that has been designed to be scalable, user-friendly, fast and efficient, automating the payment process between contractors and customers. Financial transactions are tied to successful completion of project milestones within this unique application to provide transparency, efficiency and real-time communications, to seamlessly form an integral part of their daily work practices. The requirement for a solution, such as SPPS, has been well documented by government bodies and major construction industry authorities.

The SPPS platform solves both Contractor and Customer issues by facilitating regular communications, automated workflow management and progress payment scheduling.

Contractor benefits:

  • Predictable cash flow
  • Secures on-time payments
  • Minimises time and money lost to debt recovery
  • Improves the life-work balance

SPPS offers peace of mind with secure, automated processing of payments, and by scheduling progress payments aligned with job stage milestones, contractors can be more focussed on delivering quality work.

Client benefits:

  • Payments are held in a secure bank trust account
  • Improved confidence that the project will be satisfactorily completed.
  • Clear direction and documented communication throughout the project
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • User-friendly online process

Government benefits:

  • Ensures security of payment to subcontractors
  • Decreased industry insolvencies
  • Decreased arbitration costs
  • Increased growth in the economy through increased productivity
  • Improved employment and increased apprenticeships.

The SPPS Vision

Accelerate innovation and growth in the construction industry by improving confidence and trust between contractor and customer through technology that secures on-time payments and documents communication.

Learn more about SPPS - watch this video: 

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