Global Tech Group specialises in the development and implementation of new markets for leading-edge technologies and partners.

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What We Do

Currently, Global Tech Group™ Pty Ltd is launching products in the aviation, mining and construction industries. Our products are set to transform and digitise the operational day to day activities of management, compliance and training and in turn revolutionise the operation of these industries.

Our latest products are leading-edge technologies, digitising once complex and timely tasks transforming them into intuitive, effective solutions for an entire industry. eTechLog8 and PVTS are ready for market, passing respective testing and votes of “No Objection”. The Gen Z Series thermal imaging cameras are already on the market and in use across Australia.

Find out more about our latest products eTechLog8, PVTS, Gen Z Series, Dent & Buckle and BladeFix.

We are also a trusted and verified seller of HealthVib inSeat and Epic by Nextec.

Through our international partner network, we are able to provide professional services for our trusted partners and establish traction in market places such as Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Learn more about our Strategic Partnerships.

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